Custom Bootcamps

If you are looking for an intense, engaging, focused, and highly actionable deep dive into
leadership development, then you need to book a bootcamp.

Topics are co-identified with you and your team, using my All-In Leadership Diagnostic, as well
as an open-ended survey to hear from you and your team about the problems that keep you up
at night.

Topics that have been covered in past Bootcamps:

  • Communication & Influence

  • Leading Change

  • Trust & Justice

  • Thriving

  • Inner Worklife

  • Motivation to Follow

  • Design-Thinking & Innovation

  • High Involvement & Empowerment

  • Psychological Safety

  • High Performing Team

“Craig’s Leadership Bootcamp was very insightful, actionable and highly impactful for my entire team and is a must for anyone in a leadership position – thanks Craig!”

MARK MITCHELL, Chief Accounting Officer, Frontier Airlines

Backpacks to Boardrooms –

The ultimate in Leadership Development:

For those that really want to work on themselves as a leader, bond with their team, and boost the effectiveness of their organization, I offer a very limited number of Leadership Venture Programs, Backpacks to Boardrooms. This is not for the faint of heart. In these Backpacks to Boardrooms, we work on three leadership focal points: leading the self, leading the team, and leading the organization.

Part 1 – Backpacks

In Backpacks, you will learn to work as a team to overcome mountainous obstacles, lead at the edge with rock-climbing, navigate white-water as a collective, and have nightly debriefs and reflections at camp. You might even take a leap of faith at 30 feet with your team holding your lifeline. Got trust?

Part 2 – Boardrooms

Taking what you have gleaned in Backpacks, we will move to Boardrooms. In Boardrooms, we will dive into material and cases that test your leadership metal, hear from high-profile leaders, and walk away with your personal leadership action plan to not only impact your own leadership, but also that of your team and organization.

“Learning to lead and work as a team in the wild, makes leading
and teamwork in the Boardroom look tame”


– anonymous executive
2019 participant



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